AI training in Goats

Egerton Staff were trained in Artificial Insemination in Goats. The training kicked off on the 13th to 15th November, 2013.


During the 2013 Nairobi annual agricultural show, our goats managed to scoop the first position in their different categories rendering them the champions in the goats section

Cheese Making

A small scale Cheese Making workshop was held in the Faculty of Agriculture where students and staff were trained on Cheese Making.


It is indeed with no doubt that our popularity has gone far way beyond our borders.

Speech During Official Launch of Kilimo Bora Show

Agriculture is receiving a reinvention of sorts specifically in our country. Having been given a cold shoulder for a long time in the past, it’s encouraging to note the changing fortunes in our country’s agriculture. More encouraging is the fact that the youth are now giving agriculture more attention compared to the past when they gave it a cold shoulder to seek opportunities in medicine, engineering and computer sciences.

The Kilimo Bora initiative by FASA emphasizes this point. It’s refreshing to know that our students are keen on succeeding not only in class, but they are ready to use other avenues to enhance their skills and to show confidence in what they have learnt. The effectiveness of the media platform as a launching pad for this programme goes a long way to communicate not to one, but thousands, of the efforts the youth in agriculture are identifying to improve production.

This platform also gives confidence to those back at home of the capabilities of their sons and daughters in campus. Since the membership is drawn from the different departments in FOA Kilimo Bora offers a diverse menu to choose from. We have animal scientists, soil scientists, crops and horticulture experts as well as experts in dairy and food science technology.

Kilimo Bora offers a platform for interaction with peers and experts, avenues for linkages to industry, opportunities for future placement as well as building of confidence among members. Unlike other societies and associations that were started and fell dormant FASA has remained alive which is commendable. But this has been as a result of numerous support from FOA.

It remains to be seen if FASA can step out of the comfort zone and seek extra support from other donors. The group should also arrange to host forums in agriculture at the university hence taking a leading role among other youth.

Egerton is well known for its tradition in producing excellent graduates of agriculture. The group therefore has a rich history to ride on to lead others and show the way. This will build their capacity in resource mobilization and activity organization. Such activities will take the group to greater heights and in fact members should seek to look for opportunities of exchange programmes with peers in the region and elsewhere on the globe.

Given that the association is housed in the oldest faculty in the university, the group should work hard so as its identity is in tandem with FOA. As a Faculty we have worked hard to create an identity and so you should toe the line.


Research Themes for the Faculty of Agriculture

  • Food security
  • Environment and agriculture relationship
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Post harvest technology
  • Commercialization of small holder agriculture
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