AI training in Goats

Egerton Staff were trained in Artificial Insemination in Goats. The training kicked off on the 13th to 15th November, 2013.


During the 2013 Nairobi annual agricultural show, our goats managed to scoop the first position in their different categories rendering them the champions in the goats section

Cheese Making

A small scale Cheese Making workshop was held in the Faculty of Agriculture where students and staff were trained on Cheese Making.


It is indeed with no doubt that our popularity has gone far way beyond our borders.

Message from the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture

Message from the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture Today gives me an opportunity to repeat a tradition, that of congratulating a group of hardworking Kenyans who have proved their worth within the duration they were at Egerton University.

This is no mean feat, and if you doubt, count the number of persons whom you began with and those who you are graduating with today. Personally I have confidence in you as a product of our training and I hope you will not disappoint.

I am confident that I have experts in horticulture, dairy and food science and technology, agronomy, animal sciences and soil sciences.

You have received training from some of the best in the fields in the country and who can compete favorably on the international platform.

As your names will be read out and finally as you are given powers to read and do what appertains to your degree/diploma it is expected that you will explore the opportunities with confidence and purpose.

I urge you to step out and gel into the FOA alumni who are already making strides in the world of agriculture. I dare say this as was said by one American President that this is your time to find out what you can do for your country and stop asking what your country can do for you.

And there is plenty you can do. There are opportunities in research, marketing, horticulture, aquaculture, entrepreneurship, etc. This is a rich menu from which you can select what best suits you.

However I hasten to remind you that studies show that agriculture is becoming modernized and evolving from a traditional isolated practice to one that depends on linkages which open access to technology, management, investment, markets and supportive government policies.

This is the kind of mind frame I hope you will step out with. On the other hand technology has made players in all agricultural value chains well informed.

This means that you should be ahead of them in keeping abreast with the technologies and developments in agriculture.

You have no excuse to be left behind as the world forges ahead to ensure that food security, reduction of poverty and economic growth all of which in many countries revolve around agriculture.

In addition, it will be important for you know that the world is moving towards a more urban population who are more aware of consumer rights.

In this case, you have a duty to ensure that as you interact in the agricultural sector that you are well aware of these facts.

Finally ladies and gentlemen, despite the fact we release you into a very competitive world to muscle out with others in the arena of opportunities, remember FOA is open to you in-case you wish to advance your careers.

There are many post-graduate courses which you can benefit from. Remember that FOA is also a hub of networks from which you can link up to many opportunities in the world. Equally your networks are important to us as they will inform us of your success stories wherever you.

They will also inspire those who come after you.



Research Themes for the Faculty of Agriculture

  • Food security
  • Environment and agriculture relationship
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Post harvest technology
  • Commercialization of small holder agriculture
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